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Perfumery and setting catalog.

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Perfume swatch 40 references


Are you highly motivated, have great ideas and are you looking for new challenges?

Starting with the catalog sale of our perfumes is really simple and you don't need experience.

Start earning money from the moment you receive our sample kit and catalog, an essential sales tool to multiply your sales.

If you are a beginner you can start your sales in your closest environment such as your family and friends or on the contrary if you are already an experienced salesperson now is the time to increase your daily profits.


Because you will get the possibility to manage a flexible business, organizing their own schedules, with the option to market factory direct products with the best value for money online.
We will also provide you with powerful marketing and sales tools. A great way to increase your monthly income, marketing high quality products, without neglecting your daily activities.

Do not forget, that with Serone, you run your own business, and you have no limits to economic success and personal.
Serone, extends its horizons to the main European countries.


- No fixed hours, you manage your own times.
- No bosses, you make your own decisions.
- Without previous work experience, with our advice you will be able to start sell from your home, work or place of entertainment, to acquaintances and friends, and then extend your sales everywhere, such as schools, offices and factories, without any kind of limits.
- Just by purchasing the sample book and catalogs, you will start selling our products.
- High commercial margin.


Once you receive the sample kit and catalog, it is advisable to take a period of time to get to know the fragrances and thus be able to give better advice to your future clients.

Our website requires a minimum order of € 70 VAT and transport not included, so as soon as you have the amount of products to complete the basket, you can finish your order. Delivery times from 24 hours to Spain and Portugal. From 3 to 5 days rest of Europe.

The sample book and the catalog are the only items that can be purchased without placing a minimum order of € 70.

The initial purchase prices are those shown on the web. With each order you place, you will add discounts to your account and you will obtain greater benefits in your sales.